Student Health Plan Information

Remember, any insurance purchased to meet the insurance requirements for Florida State University must have at least the same coverage dates as the university-sponsored health insurance plans. Regardless of when your start date is, your coverage must extend through the end of the academic year, at least to August 14.

Tax Notice: Form 1095B

UHCSR will have Form 1095B for 2017 tax information posted to each student's MyAccount on March 31. To get a copy of the 1095B, each student must log in to his or her MyAccount at and follow the prompts for tax information.

How Do I Get My Insurance Card?

FSU sends purchase information to United HealthCare Student Resources (UHCSR) once a week. Within 48 hours of FSU sending your purchase information to UHCSR, you should receive an e-mail advising you to set up "My Account" at UHCSR.

Once your account has been created, you will have the option of downloading an electronic insurance card or requesting a paper copy to be mailed.

You may contact UHCSR to update your local mailing address, however, you must also make sure your local mailing address is in your Student Central (SC) Account. If you do not update the SC account, the old address will update with the old address when we upload the weekly file.

Payment For Insurance is Due When Financial Aid is Distributed

If the student will be using financial aid to pay for health insurance, the payment will be made after tuition, housing and food plan charges have been paid. If there is enough financial aid to cover all the charges, the bills are paid and the student is good to go. If there are any funds remaining after all charges are paid, the remaining funds are remitted to the student. If the financial aid is not sufficient to defray all the charges on the student account, the charges that remain unpaid are the student's responsibility to pay. The student may pay those charges all at once or on a schedule that the student determines. No one else needs to be contacted to set up a payment plan. The requirement is that all charges on the student account must be paid to zero before the student will be able to register for classes for the ensuing term.

If the student is not using financial aid to pay for insurance, the same requirements stand. The total premium is due on the date that financial aid is distributed, however, failure to pay the entire premium on that date does not incur a late fee like tuition does. The premium may be paid in installments of the student's choosing but the entire premium must be paid to zero before the student will be able to register for classes for the ensuing term.

As long as any charge remains on the student's account at student financial services, access to some electronic programs and services on campus may be denied to the student.

Registration for summer and fall classes begins in mid-March. Registration for spring classes begins in mid-October.

How to Contact UHCSR

Go to to get familiar with the new site. If you need to call the insurance company for any reason, the only number to use is 1-800-767-0700.

Plan Brochures

Go to to view plan brochures and master policies for the FSU student health plan.

Vacation Override Request for Pharmacy

Are you going overseas for an extended time and need to take your medications with you? Here is what you need to do to submit a VACATION OVERRIDE REQUEST:

  • Gather this information:
    • Copy of Paid Itinerary
    • Member Name
    • Date of Birth
    • UHCSR Identification Number (7 digits)
    • Name of Drug(s)
    • Number of Month(s)
    • Student Contact Number
    • Pharmacy Contact Number
  • Submit this information to:

Looking for additional FAQ's regarding insurance and immunizations?

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