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FSU has partnered with United Health Care Student Resources (UHCSR) to provide our main campus students and their dependents with a comprehensive and cost-effective insurance option to meet the insurance requirement for attendance at FSU.

The policy is a gold-equivalent PPO plan that is widely accepted nationally through the United Choice Plus Network and provides unlimited medical and prescription benefits. Students covered by an HMO that does not include Leon County or a plan without a local network are encouraged to contact their insurance company for options or to purchase the UHCSR plan, which has a strong presence in Tallahassee, including access to a comprehensive network of specialists. If you are an international student studying on an F or J visa, the plan offers the required Evacuation and Repatriation coverage.

This policy can be used anywhere that accepts United Choice Plus, but when used at the Student Health Center (UHS) to see a UHS provider, or at a local urgent care clinic, the co-insurance and deductibles are waived for this plan leaving you with the lowest out-of-pocket cost. Additionally, you will have unlimited no-cost access to a physician day or night via HealthiestYou, UHCSR’s telemedicine service. To see more details about this plan, click on one of the links below to view the plan Brochure or Master Policy.

Go to https://www.uhcsr.com/fsu to view plan brochures and master policies for the FSU student health plan.

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2022-2023 Premium Matrix

  Domestic Student International Student
Annual: August 15 - August 14 $3,188 $3,239
Fall: August 15 - December 31 $1,214 $1,233
Spring/Summer: January 1 - August 14 $1,974 $2,006
*Summer: May 10 - August 14 $847 $861
*Please note that "Summer" coverage is only available to summer admits.

Dependent Coverage

United Health Care Student Resources is offering a 2022/2023 health insurance plan for dependents of FSU students. Click here for more details. 

International Students

For information specific to International Students, as well as a link to the health insurance requirements, click here for more details


If you are planning to use your financial aid to pay for the plan, no additional action is required by you. The premium will be placed on your Student Central Account. If you are purchasing the annual plan, the premium is split evenly between your fall and spring terms.

Graduate Subsidy

For information about the Graduate Subsidy Benefit, please contact the Graduate School at (850) 644-3501, or visit: http://www.gradschool.fsu.edu/funding-awards/subsidy-benefit.

Cancellation Request

Cancellation of the Student Health Plan must be received in writing within the first thirty days of the start of the policy. Send an email to healthcompliance@fsu.edu. If you are formally withdrawing from FSU, your coverage is not automatically canceled. Please contact the Health Compliance Office at (850) 644-3608 for assistance in cancellation, determining eligibility to continue coverage and financial responsibility.

Health Insurance Options

Mandatory Health Insurance does not mean that a student must enroll in the FSU sponsored student health insurance plan; it means a student must show evidence of a creditable coverage health insurance.

Enrolling in the FSU sponsored plan is one way to meet that requirement. Students are encouraged to compare the plan offered against other options in the market, and we are confident you will find the FSU sponsored plan to be a better value. Before purchasing an insurance policy, please review the coverage very carefully. As a general rule, the cheaper the plan the lesser the benefits and the higher the out-of-pocket costs. In addition, the extent of the insurance carrier's network is an important consideration. Always check their website for a list of local providers, including specialist. 

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