Health Compliance

Health Compliance

Tax Notice: Form 1095B

UHCSR will have Form 1095B for 2015 tax information posted to each student’s MyAccount on March 31. To get a copy of the 1095B, each student must log in to his or her MyAccount at and follow the prompts for tax information.

Immunization Compliance

  • For Immunization Compliance click the Immunizations Information tab.
  • The link to the required Student Immunization Record is on the left side of the page. Select only one of the choices. Keep a copy of all submitted documents for your records.
  • Every student enrolling in FSU must meet this requirement one time.
  • NOTICE for students under the age of 18: Your parent or guardian must sign the consent to treat on the Student Immunization Record. This signature allows the student to be treated at the Wellness Center on campus. A hold for the parent signature will block the student’s ability to register for classes. Electronically generated signatures are not acceptable.

Health Insurance Compliance

  • For Health Insurance Compliance information and instructions, click the Insurance Information tab. READ THIS FIRST BEFORE YOU ATTEMPT TO COMPLETE THE WAIVER OR PURCHASE THE STUDENT HEALTH PLAN.
  • To waive the requirement to purchase the student health insurance plan, click on the flashing link at the top left side of this page.
  • To purchase the student health insurance plan, click on the flashing link at the top right side of this page.

To Resolve Compliance Issues for either immunizations or health insurance

  • call 850-644-3608 or send an e-mail to

University Health Services

Florida State University
Tallahassee,FL 32306-4178   (850)644-3608
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