Health Compliance

Waiver and Coverage Dates ‐ These dates are the same every year.

Term Waiver must cover from Waiver must cover through Open Enrollment Starts Open Enrollment Ends Plan Coverage Begins Plan Coverage Ends Last Day to Change or Cancel Purchase
Annual August 15 August 14 March 2 September 15 August 15 August 14 September 14
Fall only August 15 December 31 March 2 September 15 August 15 December 31 September 14
Spring January 1 August 14 October 2 January 15 January 1 August 14* January 30
Summer May 10 August 14 March 2 May 15 May 10** August 14 June 10

*Spring/summer coverage is the only option.  There is no spring only coverage.
**Summer only coverage is for students beginning their FSU journey in summer session.  The summer premium is not prorated for students attending later summer sessions.

Per the office of the registrar, any student (graduate, undergraduate or special student) enrolling for 6 credit hours during summer session is considered a full-time student.

Requirement to Show Proof

  1. Graduate and undergraduate domestic students enrolling full-time (undergraduates taking at least 12 hours and grads taking at least 9 hours, or anyone taking 6 hours in summer) and all international students regardless of the number of credit hours they are taking must show proof of health insurance before they can register for classes. This is an annual (once yearly) requirement.
  2. International students are those students studying at FSU on a J or F visa.
    • Accompanying dependents on a J visa must also be covered by health insurance.
    • International students must either enroll in the school sponsored health insurance plan or waive enrollment in the school sponsored plan by showing proof of other comparable insurance.
  3. Comparable insurance for
    • domestic students will provide the following:
      1. Coverage for the entire academic year including the holiday break and summer
      2. Mental health coverage
      3. Prescription drug coverage
      4. Provider network in Tallahassee/Leon County for specialty, diagnostic, emergency and hospital care. NOTE: Should you choose to use a plan that does not have a provider network in the Tallahassee/Leon County area, your student can expect significant out-of-pocket expenses for needed routine, specialty and diagnostic care.
    • international students will provide the following:
      1. Coverage Period: Policies must provide, at a minimum, continuous coverage for the entire period the insured is enrolled as an eligible student, including annual breaks during that period. Payment of benefits must be renewable;
      2. Basic Benefits: Room, board, hospital services, physician fees, surgeon fees, ambulance, outpatient services, and outpatient customary fees must be paid at 80% or more of usual, customary,reasonable charge per accident or illness, after deductible is met, for in-network, and 60% or more of usual, customary, and reasonable charge for out-of-network providers per accident or illness;
      3. Inpatient Mental Health Care: Must be paid at 80% in-network or 60% out-of network of the usual and customary fees with a minimum 30-day cap per benefit period;
      4. Outpatient Mental Health Care: Must be paid at 80% in-network or 60% out-ofnetwork of the usual and customary fees for a minimum of 30 (preferably 40) sessions per year;
      5. Maternity Benefits: Must be treated as any other temporary medical condition and paid at no less than 80% of usual and customary fees in-network or 60% outof-network;
      6. Repatriation: $25,000 (coverage to return the student’s remains to his/her native country);
      7. Medical Evacuation: $50,000 (to permit the patient to be transported to his/her home country and to be accompanied by a provider or escort, if directed by the physician in charge);
      8. Deductible: Maximum of $50 per occurrence if treatment or services are rendered at the Student Health Center; maximum of $100 per occurrence if treatment or services are rendered at an off-campus ambulatory care or hospital emergency department facility;
      9. Minimum coverage: $100,000 for covered injuries/illnesses per accident or illness per policy year;
      10. Insurance Carrier must, at a minimum, meet the rating requirements specified in Part 62.14(d) of Title 22 of the Code of Federal Regulations;
      11. Policy must not unreasonably exclude coverage for perils inherent to the student’s program of study;
      12. Claims must be paid in U.S. dollars payable on a U.S. financial institution;
      13. Policy provisions must be available from the insurer in English.
    • NOTES for international students:
      1. If you will NOT be purchasing the student health insurance available through Florida State University:
        • Verify with your prospective insurance company that the coverage you want to purchase will meet all of the requirements listed in paragraph 2 above BEFORE you make any payment for the policy. Understand that there is more to insurance than the premium price. Look at the benefits the plan will provide.
        • Complete the waiver. You will have to answer questions and provide information about the policy you have purchased.
        • Your policy must cover you for the entire time you will be a student at FSU including holiday and summer breaks, even if you will be going to your home country for the breaks. Your insurance must begin and end according to the dates shown on the Waiver and Coverage dates chart.
        • FSU, University Health Services and the Health and Wellness Center are not responsible for loss of premiums for non-compliant insurance policies or loss of academic privileges due to inaccurately completed waivers.
      2. If the insurance you will be using is dependent coverage from your spouse’s employer-paid plan, you may not have the coverage required for medical evacuation or repatriation of your remains as outlined above.
        • Evacuation/Repatriation coverage may be purchased from UCHSR at their web site: or from another carrier of your choosing.
        • Dependents on J visas must also have this coverage.
        • When this coverage is purchased, send a copy of the confirmation letter from the insurance carrier to Your insurance waiver will then be cleared.

Waiver Information


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Scholarship Athletes

  1. The student health plan does not cover participation in intercollegiate athletics.
  2. Scholarship Athletes contact Nick Pappas at 850-645-2700 for the insurance waiver.
  3. Walk-on athletes contact Nick Pappas at 850-645-2700 for insurance purchase information.

Waiving your insurance and using your insurance for care: There is a difference between the requirement to show proof of health insurance in order to be able to register for classes at Florida State University and using health insurance to pay for care rendered at University Health Services.

If you use Medicaid or Medicare to complete your waiver understand that the Wellness Center is not a Medicaid or Medicare provider. If you come to the Wellness Center for care you must either pay for service on the date it is rendered or defer those charges to your account at Student Business Services. You can then file your own claims for reimbursement to your Medicaid or Medicare provider. Medicaid from other states CAN ONLY be used if the student submits a letter from the providing state verifying that coverage is valid in Tallahassee.

If you use HMO insurance or PPO insurance for your waiver that is not in-network at the Wellness Center, understand that you can expect to incur greater out of pocket expenses for your health care in the Tallahassee area. The Wellness Center will, as a courtesy, bill your insurance carrier for services received at the Wellness Center. Billed charges not paid by your carrier will be balance billed to your account at Student Business Services for payment.

Insurance Billing

Medicare and Medicaid




Purchase Information

2017-18 Premium Matrix

2017-2018 Premium Matrix

August 15 - August 14 August 15 - December 31 January 1 - August 14 May 10 - August 14 August 15 - August 14
Annual Fall Only Spring/summer Summer Only Optional Dental
student $2,344 $893 $1,451 $623 $262.80
spouse NA NA NA NA NA
child NA NA NA NA NA
children NA NA NA NA NA
student $2,361 $899 $1,462 $627 $262.80
spouse NA NA NA NA NA
child NA NA NA NA NA
children NA NA NA NA NA
post-doctoral fellows, visiting scholars $2,344 $893 $1,451 $623 $262.80
spouse NA NA NA NA NA
child NA NA NA NA NA
children NA NA NA NA NA
post-doctoral fellows, visiting scholars, students at CIES** $2,361 $899 $1,462 $627 $262.80
spouse NA NA NA NA NA
child NA NA NA NA NA
children NA NA NA NA NA

** Center for Intensive English Studies
NA indicates this coverage is not available.

AR Due Dates:

Student purchases-Insurance premium payments are due on the day that financial aid is disbursed.  If financial aid is delayed, students do NOT need to call the health center to defer the payment.  Students do not need to make special arrangements for financial aid to pay health insurance premiums.  If the insurance charge is on the student's account when financial aid is disbursed, the premium will be paid by financial aid.  If there is sufficient financial aid to pay the whole premium, the student owes nothing more for insurance.  If there is not sufficient financial aid to pay the whole premium, the balance that is not paid by financial aid remains on the student's account and is the student's responsibility to pay.  The balance must be paid to zero before the student's next registration window opens or the student's ability to register for the next term will be blocked.

Post-doctoral fellow, visiting scholar, CIES student-Payment is due as soon as charges are posted to your account at Student Financial Services.  The carrier will be notified to begin coverage once payment has been verified by the Health Compliance office.

AR Due Date Notes

  • Insurance Premium Payment Due:  the day financial aid is disbursed
  • Financial aid delayed?  Do NOT call Health Compliance to defer payment.  It is automatic.
  • Not enough financial aid to pay the entire premium?  The unpaid balance stays on the student's account for the student to pay. 
  • How to avoid a registration block:  Have the premium due paid to zero before the next registration window is scheduled to open.
Graduate Subsidy

Graduate Subsidy

Life Change Events

Qualifying Events:A qualifying event will allow the student to purchase according to the 30 day window. The premium will be pro-rated for the balance of the term when the student is added. A qualifying event would be loss of health coverage under another health plan or divorce. Please note that application for coverage due to the qualifying event and proof of the qualifying event must be submitted to The Health Compliance Office at University Health Services within 30 days of the qualifying event.

Cancellation Policy
  • Withdrawals
  • Written Request
  • Cancellation of the Student Health Plan must be in writing before the first thirty days of the start of the plan. If you cancel your plan, the system will block you from repurchasing for the time period of your cancellation. Send emails to

Dependent Coverage

There will be no dependent coverage offered for the 2017-2018 academic year in the FSU sponsored insurance plan. For questions please contact the Health Compliance office at 850.644.3608.

Coverage for post-doctoral fellows, visiting scholars, CIES students


2017-8 Domestic

2017-8 International

Coverage for athletics, sports clubs and intramural participants.
  1. The student health plan DOES NOT cover participation in intercollegiate athletics.
  2. Participation in sports clubs and intramural athletics is covered. FSU Cheerleaders and members of the Golden Girls dance team are covered as members of a sports club.
  3. Scholarship Athletes should call Nick Pappas at 645-2700.

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